TNG Packaging (Pvt) Ltd. manufacture Polypropylene Strapping with environmental friendly processes and it tries to maximize the resource efficiency by minimizing the generation of waste to an acceptable level through improved processes. The Company takes all possible measures to ensure that the product recycled throughout the supply chain and not a threat to the environment.

The Company is committed to protect the environment and recognizes the potential environmental impairment, which can be caused by its production process. The Company carries out its operation in an environmentally responsible manner to have a sound environment by continual improvement of her process towards pollution prevention.

The Company is committed to comply with all applicable environmental legal and other requirements, has set out the environmental objectives and targets based on the significant environmental aspects, which will be reviewed periodically and improved to minimize the environmental impacts.

TNG provides training to its employees to be competent in reducing the resources consumption, minimizing waste generation and preventing pollution.

The Company ensures that the environmental policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all stakeholders of TNG Packaging and it is available to the public.

Saranga Goonawardena 22nd January, 2011
Managing Director