Our people, as in every other group, are complex, made up of diverse personality traits, desires, motivations, beliefs, values, and varying degrees of inter-personal and intrapersonal awareness.

However they are the best at what they do. Team TNG is consisted of leaders with creative ideas, people who drive others and move forward to a single goal. They are achievers capable of obtaining results.

To build the connectivity, belongingness and share one vision, “effective communication” is the number one practice at TNG.

We consider ourselves as the TNG family. As a family we take care of each other and everyone is responsible for every task. As a team, we support each other mutually, take accountability for everybody´s work and rely on each other for success.

These customs are practiced throughout the company hierachy from the top management to the bottom layer. Top management act as role models of TNG values and approach a united vision giving priority to humanity and mutual co-existence.

Furthermore, Team building sessions are incorporated in TNG get – togethers. These games build trust – this is a very important segment in achieving goals together and taking risks relying on each other. These sessions ease conflicts. These increases collaboration of the team as they are performed in a low pressured environment; where the work stressors are absent. Team building sessions enhance effective communication, teach each other to respect, consider each others voice and ideas; disregarding the company designation.